ACC = A Conference with Class

Open Letter From The Herzlich Family-

My son is Mark Herzlich, the Boston College linebacker who has spent the past 7 months battling cancer. I just wanted to send you a note saying how impressed my entire family has been by the comraderie and sportsmanship of the schools in the ACC. From opposing teams, to their fans and even to the officials organization – everyone has been supportive of Mark in his efforts. The number of groups that sacrificed personally to raise funds in Mark’s honor to support cancer research has been awesome and humbling.

We are blessed and grateful that it appears that Mark has beaten this awful disease and his level of recuperation over the next 6 months will determine whether he can return to the playing field. His intent is to do so. However, before we start down that next path I wanted to relflect upon and appreciate how much the ACC has made this intial part of the journey bearable.

I truly think that this is something unique to the ACC. It is a conference with class. In reading about the backbiting and vitrolence in amoungst teams of other major conference, it’s a pleasure to be associated with one whose members can both compete hammer and tong on the playing field but still appreciate, support and celebrate their opponents. Without quality opponents, there is no game. Too often that’s forgotten in the world of sport, but not in the ACC.

Best wishes for a festive and fruitful holiday and bowl season.

Sandon M. Herzlich, Sr.

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