A letter from Mark’s father:

Just wanted to send out a quick update as we (hopefully) wind down all this cancer crap.

Mark finished his chemo treatments on November 2nd which marked a great milestone. His test have all come back clean and the doctors are as sure as they can ever be that he’s cancer free. We still have to keep our fingers crossed for the next 5 years, but we’re entering the “cancer survivor” stage in as good a position as possible.

On Monday of this week Mark underwent surgery to have a titanium rod inserted in the inside of his femur to provide extra strength and stability for the bone that was weakened by both cancer and the treatment. His surgeon, Dr. Dick Lachman, couldn’t have been more pleased with the results of the surgery. He said that they got the rod and the accompanying screws exactly where they wanted them. There was no sign of cancer in the bone and the bone itself was very hard and strong.

Mark was up walking, albeit a little unsteadily, on Tuesday and will be coming home from the hospital today. He’s in a little bit of pain, but that’s not unexpected given the disruption his leg and muscles took during surgery. Everyone keeps telling us it’s nothing to worry about, so I’m not worried. We look forward to having the family gathered around the Thanksgiving table on Thursday!

On Saturday, we’ll drive down to the University of Maryland for the BC football game and Mark will rejoin his teammates and fly back to Boston with them!

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers as Mark’s fought this battle. The support as been felt, is meaningful and helpful. Best to everyone this Thanksgiving holiday. I know that the Herzlich’s have a lot to be thankful for.

- Sandy Herzlich


Larry Selzer
Posted on 1st October, 2010

Sandy, I was looking at the recent Mini Page in our local Winchester, Virginia newspaper and saw the article about Mark. I thought that name couldn’t just be a coincidence, and when I looked on line, I learned he is your son.

I am so happy to learn that he is now back on the field and doing well – what a scare. I suppose to give him added adrenaline I could tell him some stories about you shooting the juke box at DKE, but maybe that should wait until after college.

I couldn’t find an email for you, so I hope you actually get this. Did you see that Mike Whelan is the new football coach at Wesleyan?

I have been in Winchester for 20 years now, working for The Conservation Fund. Married 23 years to Rossi, 3 kids – life is good. Hope you and family are well and so glad you are able to cheer Mark on the field and off. Best, Larry

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