I received word this afternoon that Mark is awake and recovering wonderfully after having a rod inserted into his left femur. The Doctor’s relayed to the family that “the surgery went great, the bone is extremely strong, and that there is no sign of disease.”

Now we recover. Mark will be in the hospital tonight and tomorrow for observation, and then he will return home for Thanksgiving and begin his quick recovery process. After the holiday Mark will return to the sidelines to coach up the Eagles in their final two games of the season. Then he will prepare his travel schedule for the “Awards Season” to follow.
Stay Strong. Stay Up.


Posted on 23rd November, 2009

Sounds great…………more good news…..positive vibes are sent to you everyday …..Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family……lots to be thankful for this year!
Can't wait to see you run out on the field at Alumni next Fall

Posted on 24th November, 2009

Glad to hear you made it well Herz!

Posted on 26th December, 2009

Mark you are inspiration to many people and your amazing story of beating cancer has inspired me to value my life more. Have a great year, everyone knows you will and I hope to see as a high draft pick in the next few years.

Posted on 10th January, 2010

hey Mark i no you are a busy guy with all this stuff going on and i know its overwehlming trust i know i am goin through something kind of similiar im fighting testicular cancer my self and i am aslo a LineBacker i guess is just cancer that likes us or somthing but i know i can relate to everything your going though ummm im sorry i didnt introduce my self but i am Shawn Cruzado but yea i also have the same port you have and yea i know its pretty gross with the Saline they use to flush the port ughhh yuck but hey man you are my hero i will look up to You its crazy because i know how it is to get all these donations and all these letters and all this support i know its very overwhelming but man you look good hey my coach is bald and he said bald is beauty so hey i dnt mind being bald its pretty cool ladies dig it hahaha but hey id like to hear mmore about you and your family im sure we can all relate to this but hey Mark we might not know eachother but we are in this together greetings from Chicopee, Mass oh yea here's the email so we can keep in touch

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