I received this email on Friday.

June 26, 2009

Mark Herzlich update:

Just to keep everyone in the loop, although there’s not a lot new to report. So far Mark continues to be doing fine. The chemo seems to be doing a number on the tumor and other than taking Mark’s hair, has had little in the way of negative side effects. Mark continues to feel well and is pain free. He’s had no nausea and has been able to eat fine and keep his weight right in line. He’s been working out and swimming and looks great.

Mark just spent a week on campus at Boston College finishing up some summer school work and spending time with his teammates. While he found that lifting with the team and Coach Loco was a bit tougher than tossing weights around with some friends in the basement – he had a ball and the trip was very good for him.

Mark is back home now and will begin a full week of chemo starting Monday. After the 4th of July holiday, we’ll be taking another MRI to determine the progress that has been made so far in killing the cancer and what the next course of action will be. Depending upon the results of the MRI, we might do surgery, we might do radiation or we might go for another cycle of the chemo before doing either. Regardless, we won’t know anything until after the MRI.

Many thanks to everyone – friends, strangers, family (both blood and BC) and everyone else – who’ve kept Mark in their thoughts and prayers. I’m convinced that the prayers are being heard and that’s part of the reason that he’s doing so well.


Posted on 12th July, 2009

The Conway Family (Beth & Mike BC'90) are glad to hear you are progressing well. We continue to think and pray for you. Can't wait to see you with the eyeblack on again!

Posted on 17th August, 2009

Mark, stay strong. My 6 year old son was diagnosed with Ewings on 4-13-09. He had 6 rounds of Chemo, and then surgery on 7-28-09 to replace his right femur. I have seen on a first hand basis what he has gone through, and I pray for you brother. You will win.

Joe Collett

Posted on 4th October, 2009

So many memories come to mind as i watch your courages battle. When i was 19 i signed a full scholorship to play football at Delta State University. A month before i was to report to campus my shoulder started bothering me. Went to the doctor had surgery and thought we fixed what the problem was, but that was just the begining. About 3 weeks later i had a lymphnode swell up on my shoulder. They thought it was just an infection from my surgery but the node just kept getting bigger. After my cat scan they found a mass in my chest and it had spread to my shoulder. I went through a year of chemo and radiation and boy was that tuff…Im telling you all this to say that i am now 25 and have been cancer free for 6 years!! Mark, you are a WARRIOR and an inspiration to others. Keep looking to the sky for answers and cherrish every momment. Im praying for you and your family everyday…CONGRATS ON THE GOOD NEWS!!!

Brooks Scheppf

Posted on 13th October, 2009

u have inspired us all Mark i saw you on college gameday and was touched and i support you keep on fighting hope to watch you on the field next year. GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS

I would to keep on supporting the Herzlich wear and i think u should make one of those rubber wristbands and sell them on the net so everyone can support you, your family and cancer in general

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