I received this email this morning but I wanted to wait until the official release came out until I posted it.
“Dear Friends of the Herzlich Family~”
“I am very sad to inform you that Mark has been diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, which is a form of bone cancer. Barb and Sandy brought Mark home this week to have him seen by doctors here and they were told of his diagnosis this morning. Mark has a tumor on his leg that is attached to the bone and surrounding tissue. He will undergo further tests this week, which will give the Herzlichs more details regarding his prognosis and treatment plan. He is in the best of care, and Mark and family continue to be the remarkable people that they are: strong, intelligent, steady and dignified. They are the picture of GRACE, even in the most difficult circumstances.”
“Due to their focus on getting Mark well, the family would appreciate it if in the near future, there would be limited contact. We all love and respect the Herzlich family and want to extend our best wishes, but what Barb asks of us right now is to keep Mark in our prayers. I will just add to keep all of them in our prayers at this time.”
“Mark is going to lead this fight just as he does on and off the field~ with leadership, strength, grace and dignity. I know you will all agree that if there is anyone who will stare down this opponent and annihilate it, it is our very own Mark Herzlich!”
“Godspeed to Mark, Sandy, Barb and Brad.”
I want to thank all of those who have sent their prayers and well wishes. has a great many people responding, as does the BC Football Homepage and I urge you to write something and send it to:
Please include your name and your location in your email. I will be compiling your thoughts and prayers and delivering them to the Herzlich family.
Check back here for constant updates and visit to show your support.

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